A Classical Homeopathy Clinic





 Established by:

Dr. Chiranth. B.H.M.S., P.G. IACH (GREECE)

MEMBER: Karnataka Board of Homeopathic System Of Medicine

SECRETARY: Karnataka Qualified Homeopathic Doctors' Association


Srusthi Homeo Clinic is an independent Homeopathy clinic specializing in Classical Homeopathy, located NEAR TB Bus stop, Nelamangala, Bangalore. The clinic is established by Dr Chiranth with a passion to achieve real health through real homeopathic treatment.

He knows and believes that classical homeopathy will not just cure the condition but also create a sense of well being on the emotional and mental plane and restore lost physical health.



The treatment process of classical homeopathy itself is based on a personal approach and the treatment is unique to each patient, even if some two different patients are suffering from the same complaint.  The homeopathic approach attempts to stimulate the immune system and vital energy with micro-doses of natural remedies and the medication is decided by taking into account the mental,physical and emotional state.


Is 'Classical' Homeopathy different from the 'usual' homeopathy?

Classical homeopathy is the type of homeopathy taught by its founder Dr. Hahnemann who claimed that at any given time only one remedy should be given to the patient, the one that has the greatest similarity to his disease. This process of finding the correct remedy is very tedious and requires a lot of search on the part of the physician. But if it is found the therapeutic results are impressive and satisfying.

If this unique remedy cannot be found for this patient the results are from zero to a small improvement of the condition. So many homeopaths who do not know what remedy to prescribe or do not have the time to take a proper case and search and study it they may give three four or up to twenty remedies hoping that the right one could be within these remedies. This is a type of homeopathy which is 'diluted' and that is not classical and of course does not give the result that the correct remedy should have given.

And hence it is important for the patient to know that medication should be strictly prescribed when the patient is assessed in person as the homeopath may look for more signs such as physical behaviours, appearance, mental activity, presence of mind etc. for accurate treatment which otherwise is not possible online or on the telephone and hence may give inaccurate results or no results at all.



In THE BHAGAVAD GITA, Lord Krishna says to Arjuna, that the knowledge which was given to Arjuna on the battle field was spoken to sun god, millions of years ago, but in the due course of time, the real knowledge was diluted and lost.

(Ref:Bhagavad Gita- 4.1 & 4.2)

Similarly in the present world the homeopathic science is highly diluted and perishing, as a result there are variety of practitioners who treat the cases in different ways found by themselves, and in reality which are different from what Dr. Hahnemann spoke 250 yrs back.

So in classical homeopathy, homeopath decides the right way of treatment for the patient, which varies from person to person, even for the same pathological condition, depending on what is called as 'Level of Health'.

For example, take a case of Asthma, consider 2 patients taking homeopathic treatment for asthma, by same doctor, so here the medicine prescribed for both the patients may vary depending on their constitution, hence one person can be cured in few months with a single remedy, and the other may take several months, and also change of remedies in the due course of time, this depends on his state of health which is decided by his life style, hereditary predispositions, stress levels and several other factors, which is called as the LEVEL OF HEALTH.

Thus the treatment varies from person to person depending on the individuality of the person.